October 2018: New seasons, new chapters

Happy Fall, Everyone!

September came and went like a gust of wind. I completed and sold a painting at the “99 Pieces of Art on the Wall” fundraiser for Access Gallery; it felt great to contribute to the exhibit and to be able to support this gallery and their mission! During this time, I also decided to resign from my part-time position after a wonderful four and a half years working on staff at the Art Students League of Denver. I attribute so much of what I have accomplished and learned over the past several years to my time spent on staff at ASLD and as part of the art community I’ve come to know and love. Moving on is certainly bittersweet, but is in the spirit of “see you later” rather than “good bye.” I look forward to continuing to grow as an artist with this remarkable organization. In the immediate future, I’ll be attending at least one figure study session per month to brush up on my figure drawing. While currently my work does not focus on the figure, I know that honing these skills will only make me a better artist in the long run.

A few quick sketches from this week’s Wednesday night drawing group. It was my first time figure drawing since college! I definitely felt a little rusty, but I’m determined to stick with it and to improve my figure drawing skills.

Drawings ranging from 1 to 15 minutes.

Once Upon a Red Rose | 9x12in, oil on panel, 2018 | SOLD as part of the “99 Pieces of Art on the Wall”


October will be a month of transition as I find a new weekly rhythm between more painting (yay!), networking, and continuing to teach art at Hallett Elementary. As exciting as change can be, we all know it can also be difficult and even a little scary! In all honesty, the past couple months have been trying and full of consideration, contemplation, questioning, and even a little bit of self-doubt. In an effort to become more business-minded, I asked myself “why do I paint?” and “why do I make art?” and when I couldn’t answer those questions in some profound way, I wondered if I should be doing this at all. Art has always been a part of who I am; I’ve known, more or less, since the age of four that I wanted to be an artist, but I questioned if that was reason enough. After a number of discussions with peers and sleepless nights, I’ve decided that it is.

So for now, I make art because those are the gifts I’ve been given; because I love color and how colors relate to one another; because something inside me says that this is what I’m supposed to be doing; and because art reminds me to slow down and to look at life. And hopefully, by doing what I was created for, I can bless and bring joy to the lives of others through my work.

Thank you for joining me this month, and may your coming days be full of beautiful autumn colors!

— Lauren

What’s on the Easel?

What's on the Easel?

Inspired by a painting done in college, I have started a new series called “The Sack Lunch.” The paintings will feature different styles of lunch bags, and will be small, simple studies allowing me to focus on exploring different color palettes and painting techniques. On a more conceptual note, I find it humorous and intriguing how a lunch bag can provide some insight on its owner. As a kid, my lunch was usually packed with heavier items, like an apple, on the bottom and softer items, like a sandwich or cookie on top. And if I carried my lunch in a paper bag, the top was neatly folded over. You probably could have guessed ;)