Lauren also creates paintings for patients in a local hospital!


Lauren grew up in Ohio and studied painting and drawing from the time she was a young child.  She received her BFA in painting from Miami University-Ohio in 2014. During her time in college, she also attended Israel Hershberg’s master class in Civita Castellana, Italy with the Jerusalem Studio School. Lauren has completed numerous commissioned works which hang in private collections as well as a large scale, oceanic diorama for the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum on Miami University's campus.  Lauren now lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She was a 2015 recipient of a grant by The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and a 2016 recipient of a grant by The Allied Arts, Inc, and she has exhibited her work locally at the Art Students League of Denver and at Niza Knoll Gallery.  


My paintings are about portraying quirkiness in ordinary life. A reflection of my interior and exterior sensibilities, my work constructs relationships between movement and stillness, subtle and bright colors, and objects in space.    

My creative process is quite linear; I invest time and careful consideration in each set-up and typically have a clear design and concept in mind before extending brush to canvas. Working from observation, I am inspired by color and value relationships, the softness of natural light, and the potential for narrative within the composition. My vision of capturing a certain sensitivity is further conveyed through quiet yet deliberate mark-making. The specific objects generally have no sentimental value other than my visual interest and the relationship built through studying them repeatedly. More important to me is the overall feeling and movement of space and how that space interacts with the object(s).

In the midst of life’s chaos, my paintings explore and share the simple story of our humanity within a quietly captured moment. As I look inward in an attempt to better understand the core of why I paint, my work has become a space to explore that very question; as if I am constructing my own safe haven to support my search for clarity. These intimate moments are like catching a breath of fresh air and are meant to offer the viewer a similar moment, providing a space where they are able to hear their own thoughts and delight in a moment of solitude and reflection.

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